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One of my first...

January 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have captured moments for so many years. I was never fully aware of why. I just knew I wanted to. I thought I was just like everyone else. A witness to the world around me, a tourist in my own life. But the truth is, now that I can look back at the why I see the real reason. I was always inspired by great photographers like Ansel Adams and Gordon Parks and always wished I could capture something amazing like any of those images they produced. Practice makes perfect, but the truth is. Why create something already created? Why copy? Then I learned or maybe realized I would never or should never capture something Ansel Adams or Gordons Parks did because the truth is I am not them. I have my own unique perspective and what I see is different. It has value and it has beauty. I can and will always be inspired by people like Ansel Adams, Gordon Parks and other great and amazing photographers, and what I see is beauty all around me. I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.

So before we go any further know I am self taught and am still learning. The one lesson I keep hearing from the Master Photographers are the camera is not as important as the eye. After spending way too much and then selling and buying newer cameras/lens I agree. The most useful tool is your own eye and keeping your mind open of what is all around you. I think modern technology has advance a lot and sometimes smart phones can capture some amazing photos, but so can traditional DSLRs. 

This one particular photo I was taking Harlow (my mixed breed Jack Russel) for a walk on Roosevelt Island in McLean, Virginia. I was photographing everything from the trees and branches to the the bridge, people walking. But I was just not liking anything I captured that day. I stopped for a drink of water from the fountain and saw something that grabbed my eye. With one hand on the camera and the other hand on the fountain I captured this photograph. A few edits later and I loved it.

Something as simple as a water fountain captured in fall at a unique angle and I captured something I consider beautiful (in my eye). I hope you enjoy!


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